Welcome to the Cumberland Valley Wrestling Association!

The Cumberland Valley Wrestling program is intended to bring out the best qualities in all of our athletes and those involved in the CV Wrestling community. Hard work, discipline and the pursuit of perfection is what gives us the will to be the best we can be.

CV celebrates an exciting 2014 season with a 4th place finish at PIAA Team States!

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  • ADD or EDIT Contact Info… Click the link to the contact info form if you have a wrestler in our JH or Varsity program & need to add or update contact information. JH or HS wrestlers who may be new to wrestling should also use this form. If you have an elementary wrestler that you will be registering you may use this form as well, however this is not for elementary registration, this is only to make additions or changes to contact info: Contact Information Changes/Additions
  • The website calendar is updated with JH/HS pre through post season schedules. Look for these important September dates: 9/8 Pre-season practices start for grades 6-12, 9/16 CV Wrestling Booster meeting & 9/20 Messiah Takedown Tournament.